Saturday, June 13, 2020

On Antillean vertebrate bat extinctions: PCMDOMINICANA YouTube talks

Our colleagues from the Dominican Republic treated us, this past week, to a series of online lectures on Caribbean bats by the world’s forefront researchers. Each day a different specialist spoke of their research and what is known and unknown about bats. These included talks by Nancy Simmons, Paul Velazco, Liliana Davalos, and Angelo Soto Centeno. 

I want to share Centeno’s talk here and take the opportunity to thank him for mentioning our own ongoing research on Greater Antillean vertebrate extinctions and biodiversity (time stamp 36:20). Many thanks, Angelo! 

I also thank our friends at the PCM from Republica Dominicana and their great initiative with the YouTube channel.

Pteronotus quadridens from Los Haitises, Dominican Republic. (C Joha Orihuela, 2004). 

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